O The Anthem is a multi-layer multimedia and entertainment company founded in Baltimore, MD and now located in Los Angeles, CA. Founded by Cory Baker and Robert Cheek, O The Anthem has since it's inception in 2012 produced and distributed eleven short films, a web-series, multiple podcasts with hundreds of episodes; and are poised in the years to come to branch into feature length films and various TV projects.


We welcome any and all feedback. Please reach out on any of our social media pages, or contact us directly at Cory@OTheAnthem.com.


Cory Baker


Cory Baker was born in Baltimore, MD and is a filmmaker in Los Angeles, CA. He first used the brand O The Anthem with his first short film, the nominated "Lights of Baltimore," in 2012. After film school at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, Cory came back to Baltimore and shortly there after launched the O The Anthem podcast in 2014. O The Anthem since it's launch has created short films, web-series, podcasts, and more with clear goals of creating longer form content over the coming years.


Cory Baker is a multiple award nominee in both the worlds of Sound Mixing and as a Writer/Director. Since starting his career in 2012, he has over 60 credits in sound mixing and an additional 13 credits in writing, directing, and producing his own projects. He moved to Los Angeles in 2016 to focus further on his filmmaking career, and to continue working on exceptional projects.

Robert Cheek


Robert Cheek was born in Maryland and works in the music industry in Los Angeles. While working as an attorney in Maryland in 2012, Rob participated in National Novel Writing Month and finally completed his long-planned novel. This began a love of writing which has expanded from novels to screenplays, teleplays, short stories, and poetry. In 2014, he partnered with long-time friend Cory Baker and began the O The Anthem podcast and brand; supporting its short films, web-series, podcast network, and more. At one point, Rob was participating in three weekly podcasts and publishing books bi-yearly.


After reading a book recommended by Cory while on vacation, Rob returned to Maryland determined to move west to pursue content production and writing. In November of that year, they relocated across the country. Quickly finding a job in the music industry, Robert now spends his days supporting up-and-coming artists and uses his free time to continue to produce screenplays, produce short-form video content, and build his Movement novel universe.