Thank you for checking out our podcast! We really appreciate you stopping by. For more then 5 years Cory Baker and Robert Cheek have been hosting their weekly podcast and we have had a bunch of great moments along the way. Below is a curated list of some important show history, important moments, and memorable episodes.


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Drinko de mayo

An annual event in the history of the podcast is Drinko de Mayo. When at college, Rob and Cory pre-gamed a Cinco de Mayo party by doing shots of tequila and playing Need for Speed. Needless to say, we never made it out, and commemorate that by doing a show where certain words came with shots of tequila. The first is a fan favorite for sure.

DDM 1  DDM 2  DDM 3  DDM 4  DDM 5  DDM 6

EPISODE 261: 5 Year Anniversary

When we recently eclipsed 5 years doing the podcast, we sat down with friend of the show Roberto and talked about all the most important moments of the show, many of which are included in this list as well.

OTA 137
Episode 137: cross country trip

When we moved the podcast from Baltimore to Los Angeles, we commemorated the experience by doing a travel journal of the trip. We talk about our stops in Detroit, Chicago, Omaha, Denver, Las Vegas, and finally Los Angeles.

EPISODE 123: Port Covington

When Baltimore was thinking about building an entirely new neighborhood, Cory and Rob broke it down point/counterpoint style in this thought provoking episode.


In a post Freddie Gray Baltimore, DeRay McKesson decided to run for mayor of Baltimore. Cory and Rob were there to ask him all the tough questions in this sit down interview at his campaign headquarters.


In a long form investigative piece, we talked about the history and the future of Old Town Mall, a consistently ignored  part of Baltimore for decades. In this episode, we also spoke to two different Mayoral candidates Carl Stokes and David Warnock for their takes on how city government operated.

Episode 55: Freddie gray

In what became the fulcrum point in city history, the Uprising of Baltimore in the wake of Freddie Gray's death was covered from all angles on the podcast. We talked about the story from the ground level, as both the guys were on the streets of Baltimore during many of the protests.


To celebrate our first year, we had a big party full of family and friends and we did a live show. In addition, we finally premiered "The Love Letter." It was a memorable night for sure, and an important one as well.

OTA 27
ePISODE 27: Road trip to Detroit

Following a dramatic Orioles postseason victory, Rob, Cory, and friends of the show EP and Shannon take an impromptu road trip to Detroit to watch the Orioles close out the series. We talk about the game, the camaraderie, and the game of catch at Old Tiger Stadium.

episode 1: Getting to know Rob and Cory

In what was designed for this very purpose, the guys did the first show by taking old MySpace quizzes (Remember MySpace?) so that you could get to know who they are and what they are about. Plus you get to see how far we've come since the whole thing kicked off.