The Empire Business (and Big News!)

This is the third and final part of my story about my adventure to and from LA.  To catch up read part one here, and part two here.  Otherwise, please enjoy!

Looking out on LA

Looking out on LA

It was an amazing time, it was a once in a lifetime oppurtunity and I was ready to get back home and make things happen for myself.  I said goodbye to Motaz, dropped off a bunch of stuff and said goodbye to Zach, and I was on my way back east.

I wanted to get home quick, so I made the trip back to Baltimore filled with longer drives and less stops.  Since I had taken a northern route on my way out, I figured I would make a southern swing on the way back.

Day 1:  Albuquerque

It was a long drive, but I picked the ABQ as the first stop on my trip back because of my fanatical love of Breaking Bad.  So after a long drive and a fast sleep (as Buck Showalter would say) I hit up some classic locations with the help of a google search.


Walt’s House

Have an A-1 Day

Have an A-1 Day

I even had the oppurtunity to pick up a souvenier for my friends and family

Science bitch!

Science bitch!


Most of the reason I picked Arlington was it gave me the oppurtunity to drive through my mothers birthplace and check out the Texas plains.  When I left in the morning, I saw Rangers ballpark and the single largest structure I have ever seen in my life…

Everything is bigger in Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas

Day 3:  Memphis

I loved my time in Memphis, it was without a doubt one of my favorite cities during my entire trip.  It felt like home, and it had a true city feel that I certainly hadn’t experienced in Arlington or Albuquerque.  After checking into the hotel I walked down to Beale Street and had a blast doing karaoke and scoping the scene.  The next morning I had lunch at Corky’s BBQ which I highly recomend to anyone who is ever in the area.

Day 4:  Durham

My favorite movie of all time is Bull Durham, so Durham was a must stop on the way home.  Going to the old Durham athletic park was awesome, and it was nice to see how they paid homage to the movie in there new ballpark.

He hit the fuckin' bull, guy wins a free steak

He hit the fuckin’ bull, guy wins a free steak

Day 5:  Homeward bound

Finally, after three months I was finally on my way home.  It was a long and amazing journey, and I learned so much.  I felt I was ready to conquer my dreams and make the films I have always wanted to make.  Once I arrived back in Baltimore, the rest of my life would begin…well, after I finally got a chance to see Erin again…

God I missed her face

God I missed her face

Overall, I would rate the cities of my roadtrip as such…

1.  Denver

2.  Los Angeles

3.  Memphis

4.  Detroit

5.  Las Vegas

6.  San Diego

7.  Chicago

8.  Durham

9.  Albequerque

10.  Kansas City

11.  Arlington

And now, some big news…

O The Anthem Genesis Series

The next post from me will be the Genesis Series.  Every short I have ever made up until this point.  From this moment on I feel I am in a new stage, but I am proud of the films I have made from the day I picked up my camera.  So here they are, all together with commentary and background and hopefully you will enjoy the works that helped shape the writer/director I have become.  Stay tuned!

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