RIP Paul Walker

I like many was upset when I heard the news of Paul Walkers death.  People who knew him speak of him with such love, a loving family man and a humanitarian.  I obviously loved what he brought to the Fast and the Furious franchise, but it was when my friend Zach introduced me to his performance in Running Scared that I realized what a phenomenal talent he really was.  Acting takes a back seat in the action genre, but in Running Scared I found the talent that I knew he was capable of.  I told friends that I thought he had the potential to win a statue one day for his acting, and that is one of the many reasons I “dream cast” him in a script I am working on now.


I had read in a screenplay book when I had first got in to the habit of writing screenplays that it was beneficial to “dream cast” when coming up with the characters and the dialogue.  It meant that anyone could be imagined in the role you were writing; if Robert DeNiro would be the most perfect homeless person with one line, then write it like DeNiro is going to play that part.  It helps you visualize the part, and helps you think of how other people would sound delivering the lines your mind devised.  Paul Walker was the person I dream cast in one of my screenplays, to play the role of Reilly Francis, a second baseman coming near the end of his career.  I had been assembling a big speech for the character for months, and I don’t think it will make it in the next draft.  So, from an aspiring film maker who believed in your ability, lines I wrote for Paul Walker…

Reilly Francis

Off the record?  You guys who write, you guys who talk, you guys who

analyze don’t know the first thing about what it is like to compete, what it

is like to push yourself.  I have spent my entire life training in order to perform

every day like I only have one shot.  I do this for the fans: no doubt.  But

it has to be me first.  I have to make the play, or someone else will.  I have

to make the play or the team loses, I have to make the play or I don’t come

back for another year.  I want awards like you want awards because it means

you have been succesful, but it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t make the

play the next time you have the opportunity.  But you write, Francis can’t

make the play.  I understand it’s your job, but you write it is any

old words.  If a team-mate, or another player wants to say “I can’t make

the play” they can do it anytime, in what ever manner they can muster.

But you guys, I don’t want to hear it from you unless you think that every

line needs to be perfect, every column and report.  If you haven’t pushed

yourself to the bitter edge with every key stroke, then I don’t want it in

my life.  You give me every bit you have, and I will care about what

you think.  Off the record of course.

RIP Paul Walker, you will be missed.

(Tune in later this week for the conclusion to my trip from LA, and some BIG NEWS)

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