Lights of Baltimore

It is with great excitement that I finally debut my first film project, Lights of Baltimore.  

Some background; I have long been writing screenplays, stage plays, short stories and wanted to make the jump into legitimate independent film.  So I bought a camera to play around with, make some shorts, and work on the craft.  As a manner of genesis, I decided that my first project was going to be as basic as possible.  It was filmed on a Cannon Vixia HF M32 with the black and white filter.  All ambient sound was recorded with the microphone on my laptop while sitting in the middle of the Conway Street Park in Ridgely’s Delight.  The monologue was recorded on a regular desktop microphone, on a free recording software (Audacity).  The edit was done with Windows Movie Maker (I told you it was basic) and only had the ability to lay down two tracks (1 audio, 1 video).

The script came when I was sitting in my apartment, the one seen at the beginning of the film, bemoaning to my girlfriend that I couldn’t write, and it wasn’t happening for me.  She told me to write straight for twenty minutes, and what came of that session eventually became this film.  I fine tuned the story after seeing and recording a sun set out my window, and then got the rest of the shots over the course of the next couple nights.

It showed at the Baltimore City Paper short film contest, and the rush of seeing it projected on a big screen in front of an audience was all I needed to know I wanted to do this forever.  So without further adieu, Lights of Baltimore.


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